Monday, August 29, 2016

1-Year-Shirt and Some Rain

Well I hit my ACTUAL year mark this week. Celebrated with the classic burning of a white shirt. (Don't worry mom it was already stained with my blood so it was already useless) That's always fun :) Burning stuff. I do miss a good bonfire I'll tell you what. 

So this week It RAINED. We had a tropical storm and the capital got hit HARD. I'm in the south right now and we got very heavy rain so I can't imagine what happened in the capital where it's notorious for raining hard. My little town of Tamayo got flooded pretty bad. We couldn't pass on a lot of streets to get to our appointments because the street was literally a river at that point (see pictures)
Nobody's house got destroyed too bad though. In these last few days I've realized how 3rd world this place actually is. The people live so humbly. They hardly have anything but they still have smiles on their faces. And even when they have nothing to eat they offer what they do have to us. These people are amazing even though at times annoying. I'm glad I am here to help them out in the best possible way I can. There's a quote that says "You see, I gave up sleep so they could have rest, Shed tears so they could cry less, My family gave up 2 years of being together, So that other families could be joined together forever, And for He that paid the ransom, I gave up first-world life, To help others find their heavenly mansion." Its great being a missionary.

Another thing that happened was that church in Tamayo, got a record high today again! 25 people. Doesn't sound like a lot when I'm used to 300 people in a stake center, but here it really is special. 

Anyways! I hope all had an amazing week! Ill see you all later!!
Elder Larkin

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