Saturday, August 29, 2015


We just got a few pictures from Sister Romney, who is the MTC Mission Presidents wife!  Oh how I love that she sent these to us!  After hearing all about hurricane Erica in the Caribbean this week, we are so relieved to get a couple pictures of Elder Larkin.  Thank you Sis. Romney! 

District Helaman

Elder Larkin with MTC Pres. Romney and his wife at the Santo Domingo Temple

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Made It!

Hey guys! This is just an email to say I made it here safely and everything! :D The plane ride was pretty good for a plane, and I slept most of the way on both. We have 16 people this week, along with the other missionaries here. So we have 12 Elders and 4 sisters. Apparently this is the 2nd smallest MTC (CCM in the D.R.) I've met a bunch of awesome people. They already fed us (GIGANTIC food portions btw) and it is as good as they say! Salmon, white rice, brown rice, lentils or however you say it, stir-fry of some kind, and passion/orange juice. I am really going to like it here! The temple is absolutely beautiful and I am very excited to go in there. Its actually a lot bigger than you think it would be. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures!
I miss you guys so much! I'm gonna go find my room and my name tag, play some basketball, and go to bed. Oh, and by the way my next P-Day is Thursday, so don't be worried that I haven't written back in a week!

Until next time,
Elder Bryson Larkin

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

And Just Like That, He's Gone...

It's been an emotional day.  How can I be so happy, yet so sad at the same time?  I am missing my boy tonight.  Our hearts have all been a little tender today, and I have sensed that Bryson has been having some of the same feelings. 

One of my favorite parts of saying goodbye was just sitting with him on his bed before we headed to the airport. We looked at pictures of our life together. He was so sweet to me all day. He knew it was hard on me, but he let me cry, and he cried with me. It was such a bitter sweet day. He is so excited to go, so I can't be sad anymore. I'm just so happy he is a worthy missionary. I cannot ask for anything more than this and I know he is where he belongs.   It feels so good to know we love each other, and know we can cry together and share our true feelings.  I LOVE my family.  So grateful that families are forever.  He is going to be an amazing missionary.  My mommy heart is full...

Making last minute phone calls to Grandparents to say goodbye (In-N-Out for dinner)

So excited to go!

Luggage check-in (only a little bit over weight resulting in a $75 fee)

Tanner (12) & Bryson (18)

Bryson & Matthew (15) #sqaud

I've been a big bawl baby all day.  Elder Larkin, you make me so proud.  Love you my son.

So ready to go!  Dominican Republic MTC or bust.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Setting Apart

Bryson was set apart by President McClellon at 6:30 PM.  He's now a missionary and Pres. told him to follow all the rules including getting up at 6:30 AM and doing companionship study with his Dad! After he was set apart as an Elder, we went to Tokyo Sushi House for dinner (at Bryson's request).  Awesome night with the fam.
Bryce, Bryson, and Pres. McClellon

Family Pictures

I just really felt like we needed family pictures before Bryson left for two years!  The boys didn't whine too much about it this time.  ;)  I LOVE my family!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Bryson's Farewell went so well.  We had so many family and friends there to support him (Grandpa & Grandma Larkin, Ragun, Raina, Jared & London, Grandpa & Grandma Mackley, Joy & Casey, Natasha, Shane and Jana, Treigh, Kiki Ryan, Anthony & Chelsey, Ashlynn, Hailey, Alyssa, Aiden, Reid, Uncle Richard, Aunt Lida, and Becky, Lisa Harper, Todd & Laura Larkin, Stephen Gubler, Foster Truman, Lisa & Bishop Randall, Tori, Jessica Hughes, Sue Gurlides, Spencer & Jana Horn, Foster Truman, and many other friends from the Town Center ward, and of course our awesome Foothills Ward).  And about 7 employees from Bryce's office came to give their love as well.  It was so touching to see this support and love from so many.

Tanner was the youth speaker which was kind of special (he gave a talk on "What it means to be a child of God").  Also, the Young Men sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  Matthew and Tanner were some of the loudest singers, and they all did a great job!  

Bryson's talk was outstanding.  The spirit was so strong in the room.  He spoke from the heart, and he spoke with power.  It's hard to describe the feelings of love I have for this boy of mine, especially as I see his understanding of the gospel unfold, and listen to him bare his testimony of the Plan of Salvation and of Jesus Christ.  Farewell's are definitely for parents. I feel so much joy in seeing him bare a strong testimony of the gospel.  I've learned for myself that he is READY.  Go get 'em Elder Larkin!  God Speed!