Monday, August 1, 2016

Going to Tamayo!

Whelp my 2 weeks are up here in Villa Aura! I got the call on Saturday night and they told me that I'm going to the DEEP SOUTH. To an area called Tamayo in Barahona. Apparently its VERY hot there but its beautiful. I imagine Ill be taking bucket showers for a while there haha. My new comp will be Elder McDonald. Don't know much about him but I've been told he´s a hard worker so i'm excited! Kinda sucks I have to leave Elder Page and the ward here but that's mission life! I was going to send pictures but my SD card reader broke. I'll either have to wait for another one or buy a sketchy one here!

Things on the mission have really gotten better for me. I feel 1000x better and I am really feeling the spirit all the time. The best thing we can do is to always pray, always do your job 100%, and be obedient! Its a saying here in the mission is that if we want miracles, we have to have 3 things. Faith, Works, and Obedience. Its a magic recipe.  I'm excited to get to my new area and work hard! Other than that I don't have much news!  I'll probably have a lot to say next week though!!!

Hope all was well this week!
Love y'all!

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