Monday, August 8, 2016

Vicente Noble/ Tamayo

Well, I'm in the deep South, far far away from the capital.  I'm further away from the better shops and American food chains.  The people here are much friendlier and more open.

The house I moved into is fantastic. (It's in Vincente Noble). It was bought for four sisters, and now with just the 4 of us Elders it's quite big.  So far, everything works too - water, electricity (kinda) , and lots of good tools to cook with!  It will be nice living here.

The area on the other hand is a bit tough to work in.  The heat hasn't been too bad, thank goodness, I love it so so so much, SIKE.  It's a bit tough, all with little help.  Luckily the local members could help us with most of it if they wanted to. 

The branch, or group, here is tiny.  Less than 50 attend each week in Vicente Noble and in Tamayo we have about 10-15,  (and this is a huge change after an average of 170 in my previous area!) but, of course, we hope to change that!  We're excited for a new opportunity of hard work, with which comes rewarding results.  There's nothing like the feeling of helping out a whole branch, and not just adding in a few members.  It's a bit more stress but we're up for it!

So we had a miracle in Tamayo. This Sunday we had 22 people in church. It's basically unheard of and I think it's pretty cool for being a basic unit/group (meaning it's less than a branch). 

My comp is Elder McDonald from Orem, Utah and he's a stud! We are gonna work super hard here and I'm excited for our results/blessings! 

So to get to Tamayo we have to hitchhike. Having no bikes nor cars, we have to ask for rides between the cities.  As you can see (pics below), many other people get the same idea... good stuff!

Anyways. Not much else to say! Thanks everyone! Have a good week 


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