Monday, May 29, 2017

Elder Anderson!

So I have elder Anderson as a companion now! We are getting along awesome and we are working hard too! He has 10 months in the mission and hes from Stansberry Park, Utah! Close to Tooele.

But yeah this is gonna be a really short email cause of the internet issue soooooo love all of you!! HAve a good one!

Elder Larkin

Monday, May 22, 2017

New Companion!

Hey so this is gonna be a short email today cause I have lots of stuff to do... But Im just gonna say that Im alive!!

Haha so transfers were this saturday and they told us my companion elder Zarate is going to be leaving! And Ill be receiving Elder Anderson! Not quite sure where hes from but Ive seen him before around the mission haha. He has about 9 months in the mission so I hope that hes got his spanish down!! Cause were gonna be working hard! In the next 3 months we want to help the family of 9 and others make their baptismal covenants with the Lord. Im really excited!

Anyways heres a few pictures of some stuff!!
Love you all!
Elder Larkin

Monday, May 8, 2017

Past 2 Weeks!

SOoooooo yeah I didnt feel like writing a whole big group email last week so sorry for that, but my mom told me I had to this week so here it is!😂

So starting with last week,

We went on exchanges with missionaries from the MTC! The first week we went with an Elder Judd, and the next week we went with him and another named Elder Beauregard. They were super cool, and it was fun to see where I started (when my spanish sucked haha) to where I am now, where people think Im latino. 

After that we had a missionary farewell in the ward! A girl named Marieli left for the Chile East Mission! She left with us all the time and shes gonna do great.

This last Saturday we went to the temple as a zone. Well us and Azua. It was fun to see some of the same missionaries I was just with a month ago. I love going to the temple so so much. It truely is the closest place we can get to heaven on this earth. 

And we had a baptism this saturday! Hna Celina got baptized and it was an event we´ll never forget. Haha my companion baptized her, but not before we tried 5 times to do it right. The first time he did the ordenance wrong, and then we realized that she was scared of going underwater! (Shes like 60ish) So finally we did it right and it was good😊

And last p-day we went to Agora Mall and ate food! And thats always good😜

So thats whats been going on in my life. We are teaching a family of 9 and they are all super excited about the gospel, and they are all progressing very well! We will probably put baptism dates with them soon so thatll be exciting. 

Anyways! I love you guys!! hope all is well!

Elder Larkin

Heating up the iron on the gas stove because they don't always have power!  LOL

Monday, May 1, 2017

Not writing today!

Just a heads up im not gonna be writing today but on wednesday! So yeah...😛