Monday, September 5, 2016

The One Where I Ate a Coconut

Wow. Very eventful week. First things first. A member gave us some coconuts and of course you have to eat them a specific way. That way is chopping off the top with a knife and drinking the sweet sweet nectar within. (I actually hate coconuts, with a burning passion. Please note that this country is very very hot and humid so I am basically sweating 100% of the time. 

As for other events, (the serious ones) we got a couple married!! They are members, but they weren't married for like 5 years. It's rare here that people actually get married so that's a really big problem. BUT we got it done this past week!! It was a big ordeal. We had to work for like 3 weeks to finally get it done. First we didn't have all the papers, second we didn't have the CORRECT papers, then the judge wasn't working this day, and he'll be back this day. It was awful. When we finally were all ready to do it, and after 2 and 1/2 hours of waiting at the marriage office, we got them married in 5 minutes! The following day we had a little party that was thrown by the branch. There was a pretty cake and I got to DJ. Plus 1 for regular "worldly" music!

Another special event was the temple trip for the branch on Saturday!! The missionaries here have been working for this trip for about 3 months and we've been working hard with the members to get names from their family so they could do baptisms for the dead. This week was the time to go, but a little twist. Our mission president told us the missionaries couldn't go! We were kinda mad and everything but what can you do? Ended up that our branch brought the MOST amount of work to do for their families! 70+ names from less than 30 people. Everyone that went said it was an amazing and spiritual experience. Oh and the night before we did NOT sleep at all. We had to be at the church getting people ready to leave at 4 in the morning, so we made the logical choice and just played cards all night until we left! So fun times there. SYKE! I was so tired the next day, tell you what!

Sad thing that happened, someone died shortly after the temple trip. The son of a member who went, died at about 8'oclock that night. It was very sad because we had just been talking to him that morning. We had his funeral yesterday after church. 

Anyways this week was full of stuff! I hope everyone had an awesome one!
Elder Larkin

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