Monday, February 29, 2016

6 Months?

Wow... cant believe its already been 6 months since I left for the mission field. Its been one crazy ride so far and I'm excited to see the next 18 months!

(At six months we burn at tie! )

So as of now I'm still learning Spanish. To me it's getting pretty good but to everyone else that's a different story! My mission President says that it takes like 100,000 mistakes before you start to not make any. So I'm working towards that goal! The best advice to learn a language is speak it! I'm still learning but it's getting there!

So we have like 8 baptisms for the month of March planned! That is so exciting to me! Here's a good experience from this week. We've started to teach this guy named Jeffery. He is Haitian and he's really awesome. We met him at a different investigators house and as we were talking about baptism with them he was listening and feeling the spirit. He asked us to come to his house the next time we were down in that area, so like 2 days. We went to his house and he told us that he is looking for the right church on the earth. He doesn't feel like his is correct because something happened that I wont say but he felt something different with us. In the next visit, we introduced the Book of Mormon. We explained that as he reads it, and follows the teachings of Christ and the prophets, his life will change, his families life will change. And all of that for the better. That he will be happy. And in reality that's all that anyone really wants right? That's what we explained. He then continued to tell us that he couldn't read Creole, but the people he works with can so he is going to bring his book with him wherever he goes so they will help him read it. We told him that we will also help him read, and promised him that God will help him read too, if he has true intention. We also invited him to be baptized WHEN he finds out that this church is true. A lot of people say IF. But if people really are trying to find out they will find out! "Ask and ye shall receive". Am I right? That was a really good experience I had that week, and I don't know if I'll see him get baptized or not, but he definitely will! He said he would have gone to church but he didn't have any nice pants he told us. I'm gonna give him a pair of mine :)

This week has been really awesome! I hope all of yours was as well! 
Con mucho amor y amistad,
Elder Larkin

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