Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Knock knock. Who's there? THE MORMONS!

Having had aching feet, an aching back, being sweaty 24/7, eating nothing but rice, beans, and spaghetti for the past 6 months I can tell you... I feel right at home.

"The work will progress with or without us Elders, so why don't we help out?" 

This week I've learned that there are people out there just waiting for the Gospel to reach them, we just have to find them. Knocking on somebody's door that you don't know, trying to talk about Jesus Christ and his teachings at first, is somewhat daunting. But after a while it becomes fun to see who comes to the door! A sweet old lady who will give you juice? Or maybe a catholic who says, "I'm catholic" and says they can't listen to you. OR OR OR a family who has been prepared by the spirit, who are genuinely interested and will one day get baptized. This is something we do every day and it's becoming a treat. Finding the "Gold" our mission President calls it. How are we supposed to share the gospel with people if we don't have anyone to share it with?

We've been finding more and more of these golden investigators and it's really exciting! They will all probably get baptized in the upcoming months but I might not be here to see it! It's totally okay though! The life of a missionary! I'm going to leave my first area at the end of this month. I've been here for 6 already and that's a long time to be in an area! Pretty crazy!

This week has been awesome! We just got back from the Colonial Zone in the East part of the country. It's basically where EVERYTHING started in the Americas. It's where Columbus landed. The first street, the first University, the first Cathedral! And it's all older than anything in the US. Weird to think about! 
Have a great week everyone! Love y'all!

Elder Larkin

ps. I have A BUNCH of pictures on my dropbox if you'd like to see them btw.

(statue of Columbus with Elder Rodelo)

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned"

(an eternal fire)

(and a couple pictures from a Family Home Evening we had! Fun :) 
Yes, Rodelo likes tortillas! hahahaaha

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