Monday, February 1, 2016


Good week! So we've been teaching Jhoannys more, and she is pretty freakin' awesome and I'm pretty sure I'm going to baptize her! The first time in church, she said to us, "I don't know if I'm ready to get baptized today." And we were like, "what?" And she said,"yeah I don't know if i'm ready , maybe next week?" It was really surprising!! Haha we explained that of course she wouldn't be ready yet we hadn't even taught her anything yet! But wow is she cool. We also met another guy named Andres. His neighbors are members and one night they said, oh we have a neighbor who wants to hear from you guys! So the next few days we went over there. We talked to him and we found out that he is like 67 years old (which was surprising because he is REALLY strong), his wife died like 9 months ago, and he feels like that he is missing something in his life. Talk about GOLD! We excitedly shared about the Plan of Salvation. It was such a good lesson and was very spiritual. We walked away and Empey said to me, "If you don't baptize him I will disown you as a son." Oh yeah, Empey is leaving. He has till the 8th of Feb. and then I'll get a new companion! Crazy stuff!

So we got fumigated a few days ago! It was nuts. We had to leave the house for like an hour! We sat outside for a little and then I decided to get creative and made a mask out of my shirt, cause it was HOT outside!!

But yeah! good good week!! Love you all! Have a good one!

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