Monday, February 15, 2016

Spanish spanish spanish

Wow! awesome week this week! Got my new companion Elder Rodelo and he is awesome! We speak only Spanish (cause that's what he knows) and I'm improving very very much and very quickly! We have worked hard this week and we are seeing our success! We have like 4 baptism dates for march so far, and we expect to place like 6 more! I'm very excited!

It was rough the first few days, mostly because I am the one who has more time in the mission, but neither of us are used to speaking very much, cause ya know, we are from the same group and all. It's been a weird week but we've gotten the hang of it and I know we are gonna kill it out here. I now know why President put us together. It's truly amazing to see the progress you can make in just a week when you work hard, obey ALL the rules, and just TALK TO PEOPLE all day every day :) We are seeing miracles.

But that's it for my week! I'll have a more detailed one next week and some pictures! Love ya all and have a good one!

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