Monday, February 27, 2017

Baptisms,Transfers, and the Power of Pizza!

So this week we had our baptisms of Eliana and Dagoberto! It was special to say the least. Eliana got to be baptised, (and she was super excited) and a man got to re-enter the church after 3 years. Ive never seen a bigger smile. It makes me think of the phrase, "You never know how grateful you are for something until you lose it." I am so grateful I get to participate of all the things the restored gospel offers me. It truly is a grand blessing.

On thursday, we had our "noche de amistad" or "Friendship Night" It was a huge success. After 4 weeks of only having 15 people show up,  we decided we needed to do something big. So of course, we told everyone there would be pizza. Around 70 people showed up that night. We hope that it will continue like this and that we have lots of people coming from the branch and non members as well.

Also transfers came! Me and my companion are staying, but 2 of the Sisters from our district are leaving. We are sad to see them leave as they were super awesome and we have a good friendshiup with them.

On Sunday I gave a talk in church and it was on "Keep the Commandments" and I also tied in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how no matter what I do in this life I will never be good enough on my own to enter into the Kingdom of God, only through the Grace of Christ. I thought it went rather well! :)

Today we went to the waterfalls again but this time it was just the young men and us. It was quite a hike yet again but I think its totally worth it. I forgot to take pictures but hopefully my comp can pass me some to upload.

Other than that I dont know what else to say! I hope everyone has a good week and that you all stay safe! 

Until Next week,
Elder Larkin


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