Monday, February 20, 2017

Baseball and Water Balloons

o THIS week, I was a little, how do you put it, crippled! Haha while playing baseball last week I accidentally stepped into a hole and messed up my ankle! That wasn't fun cause I had to stay with members while my companion left with others so our investigators don't disappear. But 'Im all better now so that's good! We had a really good week anyways though!!

We are having 2 more baptisms this Saturday! Eliana, a friend of Jendy's, and we are baptizing a member who had been excommunicated for who knows how long! He is probably one of the best members we have and we are so happy for him! SO that should be an awesome night for us.

This week we had a zone activity at our chapel and we had a great time! We made hot dogs and had chips and soda and stuff, (how american right?) and then played some baseball, had a water balloon fight, and talked, ya know. :) But I have a lot of pictures so that's why I'm not gonna write a ton this week :) BUT I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day and Presidents day! 

ALSO shout out to my little brother Matthew. Turns 17 in 2 days! haha happy birthday bro!

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