Monday, February 13, 2017

Baptism and LOTS of fotos!

JENDY GOT BAPTIZED!! Yeah it was a lot of fun at the baptism! There were lots of people who went who weren't members so that was very cool! When all of his friends who were members gave their testimonies at the end, one of his friends, who isn't a member, and who had previously fought with us over the restoration and the Book of Mormon, ASKED the branch president if she could stand and read something from it. It was an awesome experience and it shows that the youth of the church are a big force in missionary work.

Also we had a fun noche de hogar, (FHE) and played baseball with the youth! super fun. Pictures below.

And other than that I dont have alot much else to say! Ya know its really hard to write home now since I have 18 months in the mission. I run out of things to say! But I hope everyone had a good week and make sure you guys send ME pictures!!!

Elder Larkin

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