Monday, March 6, 2017

The week where nothing exciting happened

Just like the subject says, not a lot happened this week!! We worked and worked some more! We gave a few blessings, and had some activities at the church! I'm sorry I don't have a bunch to say this week.

One thing we did was fast with our district so that we will find the people that are ready to hear the gospel in this month, and that was good :) The branch is really stepping it up when it comes to helping us out in the mission work. President Nuckols told us once, its not the members who help the missionaries, it should be the work of the members, and the missionaries are just their to help them in that work. I'm not sure if I said that before but I really think that's true. If we all did the work as members like we are supposed to, the work would progress like we've never seen it before!

Other than that, Id just like to share a small part of a book I've been reading. Its another analogy about Christ. With him, we win, without him, we lose.

"In team sports, it doesn't matter which of the players makes the points. When one individual scores, the whole team scores. If the quarterback throws a touchdown ball to the tight end, then it doesn't matter that the guards never touched the ball, or even that the defense was sitting on the bench. It doesn't matter that some on the team may have missed their blocks or run the wrong routes. It doesn't even matter that the second- or third-string hadn't yet been in the game. When one member of the team scores, the whole team scores. In terms of who wins, it doesn't matter whether we are on the offense or the defense, in the backfield or line, or on the first-string, second-string, or special teams. The entire team wins, not just the individual who makes the winning score. In making the gospel covenant, we become part of a team whose captain and quarterback is Jesus Christ, a cosmic Heisman Trophy winner who throws nothing but touchdowns. If we are on his team, we will go undefeated. Even if I miss my block now and then, even if he asks me just to sit on the bench most of the time, as long as he's the captain, we're going to win. But I've got to be on his team, not my own and not somebody else's."

I know that this is true. I might not be the best "player" and I will always make mistakes, but through Christ we can all win, as long as we finish the game on the right team.

I hope everyone has had a more interesting week than I have!! But anyways!
Elder Larkin 

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