Monday, January 30, 2017

Super Finding Mode

This week we've been in "super finding mode." This past week we had a transmission from a few of the apostles and the missionary headquarters, and they've changed up the way we are gonna do things. Before, we counted stuff like, how many new people we met in the week, how many lessons we taught with members present, how many to less actives, stuff like that. But now, basically all we are focusing on is new people we find to teach, how many investigators go to church, and how many baptisms we get. The goal of the mission is to help people change their lives by accepting the true gospel of Jesus Christ and being baptized. SO that's what we need to focus on! 

This week we've been working alot with Alexander and his family, and he has a baptism date for Feb. 11 like I said before. When he prayed to God to see if the church was true he told me that he got all "hot" and his heart started to race. Hes awesome and his brother helps us a ton. We are also working with his parents but they'll have to get married first before anything. That could be a small issue but we'll see what happens!!

This week I didn't take any pictures, so uhhh sorry!! But I hope everyone has had an awesome week!!! 

I know with out a doubt in my mind or in my heart that this gospel is TRUE. I KNOW that Jesus is my savior and redeemer. I know that without him I have no chance of getting into the Celestial Kingdom because of my daily mistakes and errors. I know that I am not perfect but His perfectness is infinite; its enough to take me with him when it's time, but only if I try my hardest to follow his footsteps, and help him bring his love and forgiveness to the people around me. And all of this isn't just an exception for me and my sins, but for every living person that has ever lived. I shrink when I think about what suffering infinitely for all of humanity must have been like in the Garden of Gethsemane. Every sin, every pain, suffering, sickness, embarrassment... everything. My eyes water when I think about him willingly submitting himself to be beaten, whipped, laughed at, and spit upon. And the fact is, that he did this because he loves us. Because he loves me, and everyone. And I know that everything he did and taught is for our good.

Elder Larkin

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