Monday, January 16, 2017

New Transfer, NEW COMP

So Elder Torres is leaving the area! Hes been here for 6 months now and that's a really long time, and this Saturday they called and told us he'd be moved out! My new companion is named Elder Dunn and I'm guessing hes from Utah, idk he just has that look haha. Hes, of course, very new in the mission, I'm pretty sure this is his second area, and we'll see what happens! Hopefully we´ll get along great and have a good transfer or 2! I am sad to have only had 1 transfer with Elder Torres though. 4th companion in a row like that!

ALSO in June I will be getting a new mission president! President and Hermana Santos from Puerto Rico. Itll be interesting how they do things here in the mission after Nuckols is gone. 

Also I'm gonna apologize now because I forgot my camera at home so there wont be any of my pictures on here this week, sorry mom! But yeah next week for sure.😬

One thing that was very special this week was the baptisms of the sister missionaries.  We've gotten to know the youth and they are good kids. Right after their baptism, I told them, ¨Now, this is probably one of the only times I talk to you super seriously, so pay attention. After today, your old lives don't exist. You are completely clean as of now, so do your best to stay that way. Also there is no going back. You've make a sacred covenant with the Lord and that should not be taken lightly. You need to stay strong no matter what happens. One day in the future, someone will offend you, or do something dumb that makes you angry. Don't let anyone or anything get in your heads. You should be here for YOU and not for the people here.¨ I think that got to them and I know that these youth (20, 16, & 15 years of age) will be strong in the faith.

After that we got to witness a man be baptized, ordained to the priesthood, and then baptize his wife. It was super special for that family and for us, because that does not happen very often here. Lots of families are only part-member families, so when this happens its an event not to miss.

Other than that I guess I really don't have much to say! I hope everyone has a good week and everything!!! 
Hasta pronto,

Elder Larkin

President and Sister Santos

PS.  MOM I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!! Not the Christmas one but the one before hahaha.  But yeah everything is stale hahahaha, but I still ate everything :) it had hot fries, hair wax and cookie dough mix with Swedish dish and sour patch kids. I didn't get sick or anything, only the hot fries were stale, everything else was normal. And yes the SD card reader was in it :)

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