Monday, January 23, 2017

Elder Dunn and the Coldest Mornings Ever

So my new companion Elder Dunn, is actually from Spokane, Washington. Hes got 5 months in the mission and YIKES I forgot how bad new americans in the mission are at speaking spanish. 

This week we've been working good and we've found alot of new people to teach. One of these is the little brother and family of a 15 year old convert in our branch. I thought they were members but one day we were walking and he asked us, so hey my brother wants to get baptized when can you guys come and teach him? And I was just like, "HOLD ON.... your brother isnt a member?" Needless to say his brother has a baptism date for Feb. 11 and we are also teaching 2 of his friends that we hope can get baptized that day as well.

So here in the DR right now we are having a "big" cold front and I know its nothing to what the US is like right now but..... houses in the US are closed and heat/cold doesnt get out very easily. Here the houses are basically open and it gets COLD in the morning! I wake up shivering every morning and then have to go take a cold shower. So fun times over here!!!

So attached are pictures of my apartment and of me! (for mom haha) Hope you enjoy them!

Anyways!!! Hope you all have a good week!!! I dont have a picture of me and my comp yet soooo be on the lookout for that!


Elder Larkin

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