Monday, October 10, 2016


Sooooo yeah Vicente Noble basically got DESTROYED. were we live basically it was just a big storm but I'm other parts even the asphalt street got washed away. It devastated some houses. This week we've done nothing but service. Helping people out and such. Like you know those pictures of the Mormons in the yellow vest things? Yeah that was us. Buy we missionaries didn't put them on cause we represent the church in a different way. I'll be alot more specific in my big email but yeah! It's been crazy. ALSO we have a baptism on Saturday! Julian passed his interview at our district conference and his baptism is this Saturday. Super exciting!
Everyone at home sounds really good! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing fun stuff :)

Wow. So for those of you freaking out over the storm here, I'm fine! :) My area of Vicente Noble? Not so much. The rain really did some damage over here. Where I live, the rain didn't do any damage, but it just rained HARD. Everywhere else though? Wrecked. There is tons and tons of mud. Like literal tons. There were some houses next to a canal that had 5 feet of mud inside them. Lots of people lost everything. Other houses only got about a foot of mud. And me saying that is only mild to what some stuff. The road, yes the asphalt road, is now gone. I don't know how it even happened. But it did.

Now, the only thing we have been doing this whole week, has been help. We have helped getting people's houses cleared out, helping getting new things for all these people and more. The church sent a bunch of stuff to the people affected. We've been going back and forth for days just doing this kind of stuff. It's really good to help out :) if you've seen the "Mormon helping hands" yellow vest things, thats the kinda stuff we've been doing. I have pictures uploading RN so when they are done I'll send them over!

So we have a baptism on Saturday! His name is Julian an he has 35 years. He's been investigating the church for 2 years but he is finally ready! I'm super excited for him.
It's been a heck of a week! But it's been a great one as well. I hope everyone also had an awesome one!
Elder Larkin

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