Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane Matthew!

First off Id like to appologize for not sending a big email last week. Sorry!

Anyways got an announcement! Im in a hurricane! Its hitting haiti right now but we're getting a ton of rain and where I am (the south) its gonna get the worst. Its said we're gonna get 4 feet of rain just where I am and it could go nonstop till thursday! Now dont worry we've got plenty of drinking water and food to last us a whole week. Its chill :) So probably we'll see a bunch of flooding, but we are here to help all the people here!  

So general conference was awesome! Its always a pleasure to see the prophet and apostles speak to us and give us counsel. President Monson said some very good things during the conference that I liked alot. These things we were invited to live to become closer to God.
  • Do more than just believe in Jesus Christ and His mission. Work to learn of Him in the scriptures, come to know Him through prayer, and continually use His power to repent and improve.
  • Know God’s laws and live them. It’s the only way to obtain true happiness.
  • Live the truth.
  • Share the truth.
  • Care for our bodies and our minds by observing principles set forth in the Word of Wisdom.
This week we did some good :) We are teaching 5 people that are preparing themselves to be baptized in october. Ana, Julian, Keiny, Alex, and Yameli. They are all awesome and we are helping them get to that point where they need to be. 

Anyways thats all I got for this week, have a good one everyone!
Elder Larkin

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