Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving (a hamburger thing)

First off my Thanksgiving consisted of walking... to people that weren't home. Basically everybody. And then we went and played baseball with some kids we contacted and then we went home! It was a very rough day let me say that. And after that I ate a sandwich (a hamburger thing), a bag of Doritos, some french fries, and a coke. Yep! That kinda sucked! HAHA but its all okay! Sounds like Thanksgiving was very very fun! I wish I could have been there for Grandmas cooking!   

And thank you for the Christmas money! I was completely broke!  We had to do a lot of traveling and taking taxis and that is expensive. Oh and with the money!  We are gonna give money to a family so they (the mom and dad) can get married!  It's gonna be awesome because she can't get baptized without marriage, you know?  The Language is still hard for me! It really is coming along great, but I have a lot of time still before I will be completely comfortable. The words are coming easier and easier and I learn new words all the time!

We really need prayers for our investigators. They all have a date to be baptized on the 19th of December! We are going to have a "noche blanca" or "white night" and have all the Stakes baptisms moved to that date in December! We are probably going to have a big chunk of the baptisms all on our own! And if everyone gets baptized, I will have 14 in 4 months. And I'm still being trained!!

This is my 2nd transfer here and Empey will be transferred after this one. I'll stay here in Pedro Brand and he will go somewhere else! I will probably get a Spanish speaker and not an american so my Spanish will really improve! 

It has been pretty rainy here! The rainy season lasts from August till the spring, and then it just gets hot! And surprisingly it's pretty cold in the mornings! Well not cold, but when it's so hot you sleep with no sheets, and then it rains during the night, you get pretty cold when it's wet and there's a fan blowing on you full blast. haha.

Our apartment is pretty... okay! Now that we deep cleaned it anyways. I would send pictures but I have 0 time and we have a family home evening to go teach tonight so I didn't bring my camera! Plus its raining right now and the internet SUCKS.

I am very happy here! I feel the Holy Ghost with me all the time and we are working very hard! So hard I don't have much time to be homesick! That's pretty good! We have lots of fun on our way to our next lessons (mainly because we don't have time to do anything else haha) and we are just out here serving!

And I am so sorry I can't send pictures. Today the internet keeps going out and I am not able to send them! It sucks but that's life!  I promise when I have the chance I will send them!  I actually took pictures of everything! It's pretty good!
Anyways!  Love you!!! Hope you guys have an amazing break off school and everything!

Elder Bryson Larkin 


  1. How we love our missionary! It is so much fun to hear your letters and share in the experiences you are having! Even what you had for Thanksgiving dinner! Well, you sounds like you are having fun and having success and that is great. So glad you are happy and feeling the Spirit. Love you Bryson and we pray for you and all our grandchildren every night. We will add your people you are working with to our prayers as well. Love Grandma M.

  2. I love reading these updates. Takes me back...