Monday, November 16, 2015

Sickness, Puppies, and a sad turn {Week 11}

Wow. Can't believe I've been here for 3 Months! It's been so long yet so short I don't get it! It is though, absolutely the best time of my life and I love every second of it!

Elder Empey got sick the week after I did! He was puking his guts up after everything he ate. Even water and Gatorade! So you know how if you're throwing up in the US its like yellow (bile) if you don't have food in your body? Well here its like lime green. Don't ask why I don't know. Its pretty weird.  We are all better now though! Sometimes the DR just gets you! Oh well! And this week I watched a puppy get run over by a motorcycle. Probably one of the saddest things I've ever seen here. We tried to grab it before it ran in front of it, but that just made it run faster. Super depressing. I feel so bad for the dogs here. I mean it would have lived a crappy and sad life here in the DR anyways but still...

So our investigators, cannot be baptised on the 28th of Nov. like we planned. Their mother needs to give consent for them to be baptized. She lives in the US and for some reason she has an issue with the Church. It is very sad but we have not given up hope! We've asked their grandmother (whom they live with) to speak to their mother and try to get permission. Also Elder Empey and I have been fasting for them. Fasting so that their mother will have her heart softened. 

D&C 105:27 And will soften the hearts of the people, as did the heart of Pharaohfrom time to time, until my servant Joseph Smith, 
Jun., and mine elders, whom have appointed, shall have time to 
gather up the strength of my house

I have a good feeling about the rest of this month and the month of December! Its gonna be awesome!! I've heard that the work picks up in this time of the year, so I'm excited!

I hope all of you have an awesome week and a good holiday! Love you all!

Elder Bryson Larkin

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