Monday, November 2, 2015

¿Christmas in October? {Week 9}

This country is a little weird sometimes! Always crazy.. but not always weird. The Dominicans celebrate Christmas for like 3 1/2 MONTHS. This week Elder Empey and I have helped put up 5 Christmas trees. It starts in October and goes till like January or something! Now that I think about it we Americans kind of do that too... but it's really bad here haha.

So we are helping our invetigator move out of her house today! She has 2 houses here and she was renting out the other one. The other one is pretty close to the first one. Yesterday we went past and her floor had caved in! Today we are going over and filling the floor in with dirt. (cause that's basically what floors are here) It's gonna be some work, but it will be worth it! Before we actually knew that the people living in her house were gone for sure and she could move in, she said - If i have to I will only move the bed so I can get out of this house and be baptized! That is truly amazing to me. The man that was living with her (she told us) wasn't very smart and probably wouldn't make it very long without a home... so she just GAVE him her old house! She is really smart and actually owns a lot of land here we found out. On the property of her new house she has probably 25 avocado trees, 5 mango trees, and a bunch of yucca plants as well. Her baptism is on Saturday and we are all super excited for her!

One thing I want to state is that the power of prayer is absolutely real and is very powerful. As a missionary I don't know how many times I've prayed for our investigators, my companions, my friends, my family, and that we would be able to find the people ready for the gospel. I've seen the difference it makes for our teaching ability, our efforts for our investigators, and just to have a better day in the work of the Lord. Through prayer we can ask for strength to get through the stress of our daily lives. As a representative of Jesus Christ I testify and promise that through daily prayer and keeping commandments we will have more success in our efforts at school, at work, at home, at everything. We will have more peace, happiness, and love in our lives by simply talking to our Father in Heaven.

Another great week! 
Love you all! 

(Sorry, no pictures this week)

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