Monday, November 9, 2015

Got Dengue? {Week 10}

No? Well I do! And let me tell ya, it SUCKS hardcore. 2 days ago I woke up and I just wanted to die. You get it from mosquito's and the symptoms are: Massive headaches, whole body aches, and a very high fever. I got up to 102! Oh well! I am slowly getting better now! I just hope I don't get any worse or ever get it again!!

This week we baptized our investigator! She has been waiting for 3 ish years to get baptized and she finally got to! We had to go to her house, we built a door and a floor, and then move all her stuff over to her new house! It was kind of crazy but I loved every second of it :) She finally could do the thing she's been waiting for. One thing we found out is that she has lost 3 out of 5 children. It was so sad hearing that. I could only think of how beautiful the gospel is because we can return to live with our whole family forever! I can't stress how important that is to the gospel. It's one of the main things I want to share while I'm here. I love that fact and I know that if everyone knew of that truth, this world would be a different place.

This week was really hard to be honest. It rained EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and it rained hard. It started every day at like 2 o'clock (the time we are supposed to leave) and it rained like that for 3 hours straight. We couldn't do much in that time. So by the time we left, at like 5, we missed a bunch of appointments, and since it was raining a lot, we got fired (a word we use for couldn't teach them) a whole lot. I think we only ended up with 20 lessons this week. And that is pretty bad. It was a little discouraging but this next week it'll be better!!

Thank you guys for your support! It makes a big difference knowing that there are people on my side at all times when I'm out here battling the things of the world. :) All of you are awesome!

New pictures of my area! Pretty cool!

Con Amor,
Elder Larkin

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  1. Well, Elder Larkin, I am so sorry you have been sick, but I am glad you said you are starting to feel better, so that is really GOOD! I am also happy that Charo went through with her baptism and hope she finds a new life in Christ and in the Church. The Gospel does indeed change lives, including ours! Keep up the good work, (even with the rain), and remember ---we keep praying for your success and well-being! Love You! Grandma M.