Monday, October 26, 2015

Rain on Rain! {Week 8}

12  Ahora bien, ellos, después de haber sido santificados por el Espíritu Santo, habiendo sido blanqueados sus vestidos, encontrándose puros y sin mancha ante Dios, no podían ver el pecado sino con repugnancia; y hubo muchos, muchísimos, que fueron purificados y entraron en el reposo del Señor su Dios.
12 Now they, after being sanctified by the Holy Ghost, having their garments made white, being pure and spotless before God, could not look upon sin save it were with abhorrence; and there were many, exceedingly great many, who were made pure and entered into the rest of the Lord their God.

We had another baptism Saturday! The girl we've been teaching got baptized and on Sunday was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. This is absolutely amazing. I am so lucky to be in an area where the Gospel is accepted and acted upon. Apparently some missionaries don't get a baptism until 6 months in. Ive been blessed to have 3 in 3 weeks. Blessed to have an awesome trainer who knows Spanish and knows the Gospel. Blessed to be in this wonderful country with this wonderful people.

So contacting this week was really fruitful! On 1 street we contacted 5 houses, and got 4 LESSONS in. Out of those 4 lessons we got 3 new investigators! They are great! I think I received personal revelation with one of them. As soon as we sat down, before we had said anything, I thought "I could see her getting baptized." After I told Elder Empey that and he was like, "Oh yeah? I thought that too." Amazing how the spirit works. We also have this guy Johnson we contacted last week. He is such a humble guy. He was in an accident so his memory is kind of bad and he doesn't remember a lot of things. He has the CUTEST little girl who is like almost 2 years old. We taught him this week and we are going slow for him so he completely understands everything we are going to teach him. But I know that through the lord anything is possible so I'm not worried at all!

So yesterday, we went through basically a small hurricane! We were out like 30 minutes from our house... and these clouds roll in, lightning coming in hot. Me and Empey look at each other and understood "We gotta get home now" It starts POURING. Like you cant even see in front of you the rain was so heavy. Oh, and the lightning? Ever been through an electrical storm? Me neither until now, the ground was literally shaking because of how close the lightning was striking. I thought my eardrums were gonna burst it was so loud. Imagine 2 missionaries sprinting through the streets with sheets of water coming down with lightning striking literally all around them. Like an action movie. That was me and Elder Empey. It was NUTS.

My Spanish is actually getting a lot better! I still wont be able to be fluent for like another 6 months but I am able to give small parts of the lesson now! Its really good. Every day I learn more :)

I'm able to slowly read the Book Of Mormon in Spanish now! Granted I need an open English one next to it for the words I don't know but its getting there. Its amazing the progress I'm making. :)

Remember to always read your guys' scriptures every day! It really is important! Also, make sure you guys read the Bible. I wish we would have, because I don't really know it well and these people DO. Keep Christ in your lives and don't take anything for granted! Like a nice toilet... oh my gosh.

President and Hermana Nuckols are really awesome. :) President is like 6'6'' or something like that. HE'S HUGE. The funny thing is that he has a really high voice so it doesn't match at all. The first time I met him in the MTC I almost laughed. He knows what he is doing and it's awesome. Hermana Nuckols is just a small woman who doesn't know Spanish that well either! We basically know the same amount of Spanish, but she's been here for 16 months. I don't know!

I got the package! Not sure when we actually got it, but President gave it to me when we had interviews last Wednesday. SO funny how everything is green.. I KNOW I'M A GREENIE haha. And YES. If you're gonna send a Christmas package, send it SOON. It's Christmas season here! Like 2 weeks ago. I really loved all the letters I got, so sweet of you guys! Even though I didn't know some of the people who wrote me something! 
Thank you guys for the package!! It is so awesome!  So in my package, if you send one, If I could get some actual pictures of our whole family (so i can put it in my book of mormon :)) And a Rubix cube! I actually learned how to solve one! My fastest time is 1m 30s. Pretty good if you ask me haha.

(about the pictures of Nova) Aw.... I miss my dog. I'm actually kind of sad now :( I hope she is still living when I get back! The dogs here are so sad. They eat the garbage people throw on the street because nobody will feed them otherwise, and that trash kills them. I cant tell you guys how many dead dogs I've seen here. Its really gross and sad. To get rid of them people literally just throw gasoline on them and burn them so it doesn't smell anymore. 

Well anyways, it was another good week in the Dominican Republic!  (in regards to Mom & Dad's letters) A soul is a soul! Everyone needs the gospel! No matter who, how, or when. You guys are awesome! I'm glad I'm able to be an example to you guys even all the way over here! Keep the gospel in your thoughts!

Love you all!
Elder Larkin

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