Monday, June 26, 2017

No se que debo poner como subjecto

Well this week was pretty good! I'm sorry I'm still having more and more trouble finding stuff to talk about as my mission comes to an end!

But this week we met Michel. She is the granddaughter of a member and she just turned 8 years old. Since her parents aren't members, we get to teach her before she gets baptizsed!
So we went for the first time, and we start asking her questions about Christ and God and about the restoration, and she basically just taught us the lesson completely! I forgot how much we actually learn in primary. And I think that I am especially blessed to have been born in the covenant. Its really true the children's song, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I KNOW who I am, I KNOW God's Plan, and Ill follow him in faith."

A lot of the time we take the Gospel for granted, and this week I am just especially thankful for it. I've known it for my whole life and have been immensely blessed by it. I'm so grateful I have this time to share it with others for 2 years. And even though its coming to a close soon, I hope to never forget what it is to be a missionary and to be a disciple of Christ.
Anyways, Michel is going to get baptized this Saturday! We are very excited for her 😁

Anyways!! Hope everyone has a good week!!

Don't forget to send pictures!! 

😜Elder Larkin

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