Monday, June 5, 2017

Lecciones Poderosaas

Wow. What a week.
So 'Im just going to share a story of a lesson we had this week.
First one was with Benjamin. Hes had some problems with his wife being part of another church, and lives in Rhode Island. He told us that he has a testimony of the church, and he wants to be baptized. Its just that his wife is super against it, and hes scared that she'd leave him if he just went and did it. The first thing I told him was, "who do you want to follow more, people? Or Jesus Christ?" He sat there for a second, and said, "Jesus, I need to follow him, but its so hard! What can I do so I can please God and also my wife? I want to be stronger." That's when I told him he should do 3 things to help him get that strength. And this whole conversation is in English BTW. "Okay. First... GO TO CHURCH. go to church. Second. Pray for help. Pray for strength and for long suffering. The Lord will help you. I promise you that. Third. Pray for your wife. Pray that she will understand. Pray that she will have her heart softened. I know that it will be hard for her. She might be SUPER mad, but in time she will understand that you are just trying to do the right things, the things our Savior has asked us to do."
After that he was super excited. He told us he was going to do all of those things. I am rooting for him so hard. He is such a good guy. We are going back to his house later this week and we will see how everything is going.
There's some more stories but Ill save them for next week!

Haha this week we went to an underground lake the sister missionaries found earlier this week! It was super cool to go. And the coolest thing it was just in a public park! Thats how I thought my whole mission would be haha. But anyways, we took some cool pictures and here they are!

Me and Elder Anderson are doing very well. And the end of my mission is going bien chevere. 
Love yall! Have a good week!
Elder Larkin 

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