Monday, June 19, 2017


This was a weird week! haha for most of it I had a bad cold but I got better and now everything is awesome again!

So last week we went to lunch with some members and they happen to live right across the street from the ocean! So OBVIOUSLY we went and checked it out. This view I saw reminded me that I was on an island. Cause a lot of the time it doesn't even feel like it. But we took some cool photos and videos that Ill upload and send the link. 

So one of the cool lessons we had this week was with these kids we had met previously. There are 3 of them and how we met them was just by asking a member to visit one of his friends. 
We taught them about the restoration and it was really good! They were really interested and wanted us to come back super soon! The next time we were there we gave them a BOM and they are very very excited.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! I'm uploading videos now!
Elder Larkin

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