Monday, March 13, 2017

Domingo de Invitados

So this week was all in preparation for the "Domingo de Invitados," where the members invited their friends to church. It was a good event. We had 20 new people come to church and we have appointments with a lot of them this week. It should be a very good few days. :) We are working with Jendy's older brother Sandy and one of his friends Jose aka "Mime" (mee-may). They are progressing very well and we have baptism dates with them for the 8th of April. They are like 18 years old and they've basically done whatever they've wanted in their lives because their parents aren't there for them, so they still have some work to do to, but they're on their way.

Being here in the mission has really brought to my eyes how good I actually have it, my family, my friends, my home, school, lots of things. A lot of people here grow up in broken or dysfunctional homes, and its sad to see how some of these people turn out. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I am super grateful for my amazing family and the things we have the opportunity to enjoy.

So I bought some healthy health protein shake things a few weeks ago when I hit 18 months and started working out hard in the mornings (weird I know). But something will come out of it I hope! In the mission field your last six months are your "Sexy 6". So CHEERS to that!📣 

But I don't have pictures this week so sorry for that, but I hope everyone has a good one!
Elder Larkin

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