Monday, March 27, 2017

Fastest week ever?

So it feels like a few days ago I was writing to you guys.... So I dont have a whole lot to say this week!

Our investigators are still progressing. Sandy and Mime are basically done with the lessons and their interviews will be this saturday. We also have Lemuel. (same as the BOM haha) who'll be baptised the 8th as well. Victor and his family are still doing awesome. They brought their whole family to church again yesterday! And they are now becoming friends with the members so we are excited for them :)

Today we had a multi-district activity and we took a picture in the guagua on the way back! We played dominoes, cards, ate pizza, and just hung out. It was pretty fun! The other picture is on an exchange I went on. The guy whos looking at the camera is Elder Rogers, and he reminds me EXACTLY like Matthew. We are pretty good friends haha.

Anyways! Im alive and well! Sorry this email is so short but Im runnning out of stuff to say!!

Have a good one!!
Elder Larkin

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