Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference

My experience of general conference was very good! I chose to watch it in Spanish, and come to find out I basically hear it the same as I do in English. Still, some of the jokes don't come off the same in Spanish. Oh well! One of the themes I picked up on was "Parents need to teach their kids the Gospel, and teach it well." I think its right! Theres a ton of crap we face daily in the world that is completely unnecessary,  but its there so we have to deal with it. If we know how we should live, it makes life a whole lot easier. But nobody said that just because we do the right things or believe in Christ  that life would be easy. ITS HARD. But we have the ability to always have the comfortor (the Holy Ghost) with us. We just gotta live right.

In other news, we got Jose Miguel and Lemuel interviewed! They are going to be baptized on Saturday! Now we just gotta get Sandy interviewed and he'll be baptized on Saturday as well! Very excited. The plan is to have 15 people baptized here in Azua on the 8th! 

Today we had a zone conference with Barahona and Azua. (2 Zones) It was alot of fun and we took some pictures so here they are!!

But I dont have much else to say for this week! Oh, and I think they'll be sending me to my last area next week when transfers come! How exciting right? 
Anyways, Have a good one!

Elder Larkin

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