Monday, December 19, 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Merry early Christmas to everyone! Espero que todos se encuentran bien esta semana!
Here in azua, in the spirit of Christmas, naturally, we went hiking through a river to a waterfall. Yes, it's December 19th, and we were basically playing in a river. That's living on a tropical island for ya! Nevertheless it was very fun and we took some fun pictures.
This week work wise has been a little tough because lots of people here are leaving to go visit family in the capital and what not, so we've been focusing on the members here and less actives to just strengthen the branch. That's always good right? 😃
Anyways, for those of you who haven't seen the "Light the World" video, here it is.
LIGHTtheWORLD — Follow the example of Jesus Chris…:
So many people focus on the temporal side of Christmas,  the gifts and being with family, vacations, etc. And a lot of the times we forget why we actually celebrate Christmas in the first place. CHRIST. This is the time of the year we celebrate his birth, and we remember what he actually did, and does, for US.
He was sent to this world for one purpose. To atone for our sins; or rather, suffer, bleed, ache, and die for each and every one of the sins we make daily. If it weren't for him none of us could even have a chance at living with our heavenly family again. So this holiday weekend, amongst having all the fun stuff that comes with Christmas, remember the important stuff :).

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and weekend!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Elder Larkin

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