Monday, December 26, 2016

A Very Merry Christamas

Well! Merry Christmas everyone! For me its been great, talking to my family is one of the things I have looked forward to for about 7 months now, (since mothers day). Being on the mission has really opened my eyes on how great family actually is. They are a great gift we have that oftentimes we take for granted. They are the "real ones", cause they'll always be there for you even if you dont want them to. I love my family and Im super excited to get back to them, but I have 8 months left on my mission to focus on first.

So this past week we had our Christmas conference as a mission, and it was super cool :) we had a bunch of uplifting messages and songs, as well as good food! As everyone whos ever met me they know that I appreciate that most of all 😜. Anyway they showed us a video from this year in the mission and President Nuckols is allowing us to share it, so heres the link:

At the conference I got to see a bunch of missionaries from my group, and of course we had to take a picture. We had one with all the Sister missionaries as well but the guy who took those pictures didnt really know what he was doing so they are blurry. But theres me, and elders murray, airmet, crosby, francis, and stoeltzing. Also theres a picture of me and elder Castro!  Its so awesome being here because I am making so many friends in the process of sharing the greatest message the world has ever heard. What a blessing!

Also on Christmas Eve we were invited to a members house to have dinner with them and their family! It was heavenly I must say. REAL MEAT AND POTATOES! Needless to say I was losing my mind. We are going to eat there on New Years Eve as well sooooo Im one happy Elder.

I hope everyone has had a good holiday! The next one Ill be there to share it with y'all.
Until next week!
Elder Larkin


ALSO funny story:

Here theres a green apple soda that my companion likes alot, and he orders them from the colmado sometimes. SO earlier today he calls them and asks, "pueden mandarme un refresco de manzana verde?" or "can you send me a green apple soda?" And when the kid gets here with JUST 1 SINGLE GREEN APPLE, my comp just looks at him and is like, "are you serious?" But he paid for it anyway, and he never got his soda.

So obviously I had to take a picture of him with his apple.


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