Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Stuff

This week in sunday school, we were talking about repentance and there was a question asked, "when is it too late to repent?" Some people were saying a few things like, when we lose the desire to repent, when we've committed very big or very many sins, and things like that. I realized something in that moment. Literally there IS NO "too late." That is the beautiful message of the Atonement. Jesus Christ's atonement is infinite, without end. It doesnt matter at all the things youve done, how old you are, what nationality we are, if we are of a different faith, whatever. Christ only asks that we TRY to keep his commandments, and when we mess up, ask for forgiveness. Even when we die, we'll have the chance to accept and use the infinite forgiveness that Christ offers us. I imagine that even when we are standing  before God, being judged, that we will still have the chance to be pardoned of our sins. Christ is the one who intervenes for every single person that ever lived, is living, or will live. If we accept his gospel, and his atonement, we have a chance to live with our Heavenly Father again. Alone, we will never ever be perfect, which is kind of a requisite of getting into heaven, but thats just part of being human. Since no unclean thing can be where God is, alone we are done for. But if we join up with Christ, we can be perfected. Its like 2 companies. We are like a company that is completely bankrupt. And Christ is the head of another company with infinite amounts of money and profit. Christ extends us an offer to merge our companies, and all we have to do is give all we have to him, and in turn we get all that he has. By merging the companies, we immediately become profitable, it doesnt matter how much money we had before, how much we lost, or what happened, because now, we are apart of the only truly successful company that there is. The only way we lose this opporotunity is if we cut it off.
So, in this life, we should search out Christ, and his gospel. We need to give our 100%, to try to be the best we can. Its never too late to start, and theres nothing we can do to lose the love they have for us and no way to lose this opporotunity.

Onto some fun stuff now!
So this morning I had the pleasure of waking up at 5:30AM to my companion basically wailing in pain, saying his back was on fire, stomach hurt, and basically wanted to die. Naturally i was like "ahh freak what now," and called my mission president. We contacted our branch president and had him drive us to a clinic about 30 minutes away in his little plantain truck. There my comp was put on an IV drip and took a urine sample. Turns out he has a stong infection in his kidneys. Awesome right?

Anyways, things are going good here in my area! We have like 5 people that will probably get baptised in October so we are working with them, and the branch keeps getting better! The presidency change was really helpful. We are all good here!!

Hope everything is well back at home! Also thanks everyone for sending pictures! Awesome to see :)

Until next week,

Elder Larkin

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