Monday, April 18, 2016

Work work work work work work work

Yes that is a reference (my subject) to the new songs about "work" that ive heard many a time in the street here in the DR haha. 

So this last week we worked our butts off! We have been trying to find our new investigators since i got here and we're finally starting to find some! We are working with 3 in particular and they have baptism dates in may! We contacted SO MANY houses. The hardest people to talk to are the Catholics for some reason. they just wanna get us out of there as soon as they can. once the person saw who we were, and just said, "no" and walked back inside... we walked away and i was like, "okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" :D

So we had a fun activity today with our zone and another, and we did a bunch of fun stuff. (water balloons were thrown and sisters dont like that very much ill tell you that. I got many a bucket of water poured on me) 

But yes it was a good week. Some good stories. I found a spider in the shower with me.. he was watching me and i was watching him... we found an agreement in that if I didn't move toward him he wouldn't move toward him. good stuff.

But yeah! love you all! have an awesome week!

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