Monday, April 25, 2016


Ok so I have 0 time this week so I'm just gonna say that this week was not the greatest but I'm gonna make the next one awesome! I have a lot to say but I'll just save it for next week! Also I have lots of pictures so those are gonna be fun! Hope everyone had an awesome week!
Love you all!


Since Bryson's mass email was only one sentence, I thought I'd post his email to me that has a little bit more info!  LOL!  (see below)

(Elder Gubler sent this all the way from Paraguay!  Too bad we didn't get it until after Bryson's Birthday!)  :(

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THAT COLLAGE IS SO AWESOME THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! also the money is a nice perk of becoming older. I like that. hahaha.

Okay so this week was rough. There's a big festival in the city and basically EVERYONE is gone all day and it was really hard to get lessons in. We spent a lot of time walking from house to house knocking on doors on houses that didn't have anyone inside. Meh! NO I didn't get my package yet. Ill probably get it tomorrow when we have interviews with president or at our next zone meeting on May 20th!  I'm hoping tomorrow!

Also that sounds awesome that the jeep is running awesome!! Haha too bad Matthew cant drive it yet! DON'T be slack on him! Make him do that Eagle project before he gets his permit! 

But yeah we went to the beach today! (obviously we cant swim but it was still cool) I took pictures BUT because of the virus I cant send ANYTHING. It sucks. BUT I know how to fix it so I'll get that done ASAP. 

Also today I met a witch!  Like a real one. Before the mission I would have said "yeah right that stuff doesn't exist" but dang is it real! This lady was standing on the rocks in the middle of the water with her hands up in the air and she like picked up water, threw it into the air and then drank some sea water!! It was nuts. She started to talk to me after and said that she is a "missionary" and God gives her power to control the ocean and junk like that. Crazy. But yeah she definitely was a witch. There's some messed up stuff here in the DR!  But I'm on the Lords errand so I don't even worry about that stuff :)

But hey! Love you so much! 

OH ALSO May 8 we get to call home for skype! I don't really remember when Mother's day is but that's the day we get to skype :) It'll be awesome!

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