Monday, March 28, 2016

Me voy a yaguate

This was a good week.  This Saturday we had our baptisms! As always, some fell through, but we still had 4! It was very special for all of us. There were 9 in total! That's a lot!! It was so awesome because 3 of ours were sisters, Ismenia, Julissa, and Lesly. Now their entire family are members. That was very special because they were all there! The other, Lindsay, is a little girl who turned 8, and wanted me to baptize her! Her mom was there and it was awesome for them. I had to baptize her like 4 times though because her toes kept poking out of the water! She was crying because she was nervous but you know how an 8 yr old thinks. The next day she wanted me to confirm her as well! I've never done that, but it was cool!

Another miracle of this week! We were with Miguel again, and we talked about the law of chastity. He said, after sitting there for a minute, So I have to get married so I can keep the commandments and get baptized?" We told him yes, and this is what he said. "Okay then, my wife (everyone calls their significant other "wife") doesn't live here right now, but I'm going to call her right now and propose, do you guys have minutes on your phone?" SO we gave him our phone and he called her! She said yes over the phone! They do have like 17 years being "husband and wife" so you know! It was a very very cool experience! He is like the most "Golden" investigator we've had! 

So I'm finally moving areas! I don't wanna leave 'cause we have like 6 more baptisms for April but it's the life of a missionary! I'm going to an area called Yaguate in San Cristobal! It's in the south where there isn't anything! My companion is named Elder Sosa, but I have no idea who he is. We'll find out tomorrow! It's weird that I'm leaving, but the Lord needs me somewhere else!
It was an awesome week!!!
Love you all! Remember to send me photos!

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