Monday, March 21, 2016

Semana Santa

Happy Easter all!

Hope everything is going well! This week is a big thing here in the DR! Well basically in all of Latin America. It's a week long celebration of Easter I guess.

This week is very special. First of all, we are having a baptismal service on Saturday. We will be baptizing Leslie, Julisa, Ismenia, Beba, Andres, and Maria AltaGracia. It's just such a good feeling knowing that these people are changing their lives to follow Christ. Just... wow.

One of the miracles of the week we had, (I'm gonna start calling them that) was our experience with Andres. We were at his house talking to him about his baptism, and he was expressing his doubts. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get baptized. My companion explained to him that if he really wants an answer to see if he wants to get baptized he needed to pray that night for an answer. The thought came to my mind to say, (in Spanish of course) "well, Andres, we're going to say that prayer right now. And then tonight as well." My comp was like... "oh! um okay!" So we prayed... on our knees he pleaded to God to give him an answer. After the prayer, nobody said anything, not even moved... We sat on our knees for about 2 minutes. It was very very spiritual.

I'm very excited for this week :) Hope everyone has a good one!

PS Here's a picture of me with my zone at the temple here!

Elder Bryson Larkin

*("Holy Week." In Spanish-speaking countries, the Easter holiday is referred to as Semana Santa, and celebrations last for a full week)

(last week at the Santo Domingo Temple trip)

It was really awesome! I love the temple so much. Every time I feel the great spirit that's inside and I just know that's where I wanna be. Forever. [ W/ my wife (; ]

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