Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW YEAR, NEW... well everything is basically the same

What's up everyone!
This week has been really fun with all this Christmas and New Years business right? My weeks been pretty good too :)

We have a new investigator named Aneuris ( uh - neigh - oo - reese ) and he is pretty awesome! He is a friend of a member family, when we were there teaching one time he was there, and at the end we asked him if he could say the closing prayer. He accepted, and probably said one of the best prayers given by a 15/16 year old I've ever heard. After that, when we left I said to Empey, "we gotta start teaching this kid." We didn't see him for a while after that but this last week he came to church with the family! I happened to sit next to him in Priesthood meeting, and I asked if we could come by that next Tuesday. He gladly accepted and then Tuesday came. We went over, and started teaching about the restoration of the gospel. We asked the question, "por que hay tantas iglesias hoy en dia?" or "Why are there so many churches in the world today?" And his response was, "You know, that was what I was going to ask you." We had explained in the Bible how there is One God, One Faith, and One Baptism, signifying that there should be only one true church, and Jesus only established ONE, not ten, not thousands. He was really interested at this point, but to keep him interested, we left him a pamphlet talking about the restoration, and told him to read the part about the great apostasy and the actual restoration through Joseph Smith. We came back that Thursday and we had the lesson at the members house. We answered his question, and he had his own "lightbulb". His face lit up with excitement as he figured out for himself why there were so many churches. It was a pleasure to see and to see the holy ghost working with us to teach this kid. 

Then later that day, ('cause it was New Years Eve) we went to an investigators house to have a little party! We cooked, ate spaghetti, and played cards! Also I put a baby (a FUSSY ONE) to sleep. I had to sing to get her to go to sleep! It was at this point I realized that kids are a LOT of work, but I freaking want my own! I wouldn't mind just going outside in the middle of the night with my own child in my arms until he/she went back to sleep. I got a long way to go though! HAHA.

But yeah! I'm doing good!
(P.S. I only got 1 email and that was from my mother. Thanks mom! All the rest of you are slacking)

Love ya all!

Some video footage of the D.R.  (HERE)

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