Monday, January 18, 2016

Hard Work Paid Off

Wow... It's been a LONG week. But a fulfilling one! This week Elder Empey and I worked so so hard and it really paid off. So this week was the best week we've ever had, and the best week HE's ever had (and he has 16 months out). Every day we were out, talking to everybody, having members leave with us to go teach, contacting the heck out of this town! We got 11 new investigators to work with and we are still working with like 20 more! It's actually kinda stressful to work with all of them and not leave anyone behind! We can't have that happening! 

So one cool story. We were trying to find this guy who we met like a month ago who is a Texan! And we were asking all around for a Fat, American guy who drove a civic. It took us a while but we finally found him on Saturday! Well actually we didn't find him, we found his Dominican Wife! We started to teach her and she was talking about how she feels like there is a whole in her heart that nothing can fill, because she is VERY wealthy because she's married to an American who works in the US. We got very excited at this and used that to invite her to church. We had just talked to her for an hour and the NEXT DAY she was in church with her whole family. It's so cool to see that!

Also. I baptized Frabel! FINALLY.  Saturday night we all got together and had ourselves a baptism! It was very awesome seeing him go through that, and ya know it's also cool doing it! HAHA. It is a little scary doing it in Spanish when his name is FOREVER long and remembering everything perfectly, but I did it! It was very spiritual and chevere! (Awesome)

Also today we had a zone activity where we went to play soccer and basketball and that was very fun! The Latino's are VERY VERY good.  Not saying I'm bad or anything, 'cause I held my own, BUT my team definitely won! Scoring against a Mexican and again on a Haitian makes you feel accomplished let me tell you! I was kinda tired after playing. (as you can see in the pic below)  But now it's time to go and work! We've got 2 family home evenings to run tonight!

Have a good week everyone! Love you all!
Send some pics!!

(today after P-Day zone activity)
Click {HERE} for an awesome video!!
(Empey falling asleep while studying/praying)

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