Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in the D.R.

Whelp.. that was Christmas wasn't it! How is everyone doing? Good? Ok cool.
My Christmas was very interesting!

So first of all it's like 90 degrees (like always) and second I was here. Being away from home during the holidays is very very hard. I thought a couple of times, "how great would it be if we could just go home for the week of Christmas and spend it with my family?" But obviously that couldn't happen. We did get to go to a Christmas party with our investigators at their house though! That was very fun and brought a little Christmas spirit to the day! We ate a bunch of good food. But yeah! This Christmas was great! I even got a present from my parents! Socks, and some pajamas! HAHAH Thanks Mom and Dad! No but for real, I also got a rubix cube (yeah I can do one of those suckers) and letters from my brothers and my parents (and cash).  We also went to the hospital and sang Christmas carols and had a zone activity at our stake center.  On Christmas day we went to a members house to Skype our families! I could've just chilled all day on Skype with you guys!

(A funny story} Remember Suarez? The one who hit his head on our ceiling fan? Well his mom sent him a package with a Christmas ham in it!  They don't really take care of packages here in the D.R. so by the time it got to him, it had been punctured with holes and it was oozing with disgusting ham juice!  So gross! Lol!  

So about the last week and the Noche Blanca! We had SOOO many people there and it was amazing! Christopher got baptized by Empey and I DIDN'T baptize Frabel... This fool didn't show up! He was at the university taking an exam or something! But we rescheduled it for the day after Christmas (more about that in a minute). But I did get to baptize a woman from the other couple of missionaries. They weren't baptizing her because another member was going to. But I guess she felt bad or something and she told me to baptize her because Frabel didn't show up!

AND NO FRABEL DIDN'T GET BAPTIZED this Saturday either!  His mother forced him to go into the deep capital for a few days and his aunt told us that he was MAD with his whole family during Christmas because he was supposed to get baptized.  SO we'll just have to move it another week! Kinda sucks but what can you do??

Love you all so much!
Elder Larkin

(Elder Larkin, Christopher, Elder Empey, and )

(Noche Blanca)

(Christmas Zone Activity)

(Pres. and Sister Knuckols)

Christmas Lights in the D.R.

(I made Russian Punch!)


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