Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Something Or Other ;) | Week 7

So another update from Elder Larkin :)

It's happening! This week went by so quickly, it felt just like 2-3 days ago I was emailing. It's actually kind of nuts. Getting lost in the work is something I always heard of but I was always like "Yeah okay whatever" but in reality it's REAL. I've almost been out for 2 months now.

We have a lot of work to do here! Everyday we have a full schedule of cita's. (I can't remember what that means in English) and we have a lot of walking to do! Sometimes it takes us like 30 minutes just to walk to the place we are in for the day. Like most of the time we don't even contact. (going door to door or just talking to random people in the street) So our numbers for contacts are kinda low but we still hit the 70 contacts a week! Every day we try to get one of the members from the ward to come with us. There is this 16 year old kid named Felix who is just awesome. He comes with us like 2 or 3 times a week for like ALL day. I know that I wouldn't have wanted to do that when I was 16 that's for sure.  He is a stud for sure.

So the rain here is pretty crazy. One second it'll be completely dry and not a cloud in the sky. The next 10 minutes the whole sky will be filled with dark thunder clouds. And it could last for 10 minutes or all day, we never know. And let me tell you there is no drizzling. It's either pouring, or not at all. I love it so much!!!

Charo is gonna get baptized! She's left her BF and she's still finalizing her divorce but on the 7th she's gonna get baptized! So exciting. On Sunday we had 6 of our investigators in church! That makes you feel so good when the people you teach actually want to do the things the Lord does. 

I wanna tell you guys about our ward here. It is really strong. We have a full chapel every week! It was jaw-dropping when I got here the first week and saw how many people came. We have our awesome bishop who is really young so he's really cool, awesome teachers, and awesome members who go! It's probably like 200-250 member ward. I didn't know how strong it actually was here in La Republica Dominicana.

Another awesome week!


More details...

The city I'm in, I think is the size of Ivins, Utah most likely.  It's kinda hard to tell because there's not really a "Hey you're leaving Pedro Brand" type of sign. But yeah it's awesome!  Every other day we work right by where we live, and on the other days, we are in a different part.  It's REALLY REALLY poor but the people over here are super nice. Think of the favelas of Brazil.  Except not that bad haha. 

My companion is Elder Empey! He's been out for a little over a year and he is from St. George! Funny how that worked out. We get along great and it's really awesome because we know a lot of the same things, so we have a lot of stuff to talk about.

I actually haven't gotten my package yet!  It may be at the mission office waiting for me to go grab it... or it's been stolen or it just hasn't gotten to the D.R. yet. We are going to the mission office on Wednesday because we have interviews with the Mission President, so I'll get to see then!

Our teaching pool is actually really big! Lots of the time we don't even contact because we have a full day of walking / teaching! We do have quite a few youth we teach. I don't know how that is, but it works! A soul is a soul. We teach everyone though. From kids to this guy that is 102 years old!! His daughter is a member but we can't get him and his 98 year old wife baptized because they would have to keep covenants and go to church every Sunday, but they can't even leave the house. They would have no way to do that. The good thing is that they will have the opportunity to fully do their covenants after they die! (if they ever even do)

I don't know what to do about the mosquito's! I've just been wearing socks to bed and that seems to keep them away for the most part. It just sucks because it's soo flipping hot. We aren't really supposed to eat with members....but I do anyway! The rule is "your judgement" and so far I haven't been sick! It's pretty nice. I don't really know if I've been gaining or losing weight but I think I'm gaining! I bought this mass gainer protein stuff that gives me an extra 1500 calories every day so hopefully I'll see some results within 2 weeks. I wanna come home big. haha.

So not having a backpack SUCKS. The mission packet says not to bring one but President says they are fine to have! So I was wondering if you guys could send me a Camelback or something like it? The shoulder bag is just annoying to be frank. 

Thank you guys so much for everything you do for me! For praying, for supporting, for sending me packages! You guys are the best. Love you guys so much!

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