Monday, July 17, 2017

4 Semanas

Well! I officially have less than a month left of the mission! The time is going by too fast and I am just hoping that we can do all we can to help our investigators as much as possible before I leave! We have lots of investigators and I would love to see them all get baptized, but that's not my call. Its all on them!

So this week we had a cosecha in one of the areas again, (when we go out and find new people to teach for the other area) and it was pretty good! We took some pictures while we were waiting so some of them are right here :)

As some of our investigators are getting closer to their baptism date, they are getting more and more excited! Brian and Johan, 2 youth of 15 and 17 years, are progressing very quickly, and they are both so excited. Yesterday, I was talking to Johan, and he tells me, "Elder Larkin, I love this church so much, when can I get baptized again?" And I told him he had to have an interview first and that would be this Saturday, so the next Saturday (Jul. 29) he could get baptized! He was like, "okay that sounds good." They really are some great people.

We also have a wedding coming up! We sent all the documents to the assistants of the mission and they are going to get everything ready so we can just go to the Junta, (basically like a DMV but for everything imaginable) set up a date for them to get married and yeah! That will be really cool and then the whole family can join the church!

Also, this Sunday we were talking about sacrifice in the gospel principles class, and the lady who was teaching the class told us something interesting. The temple here was built in 2000. Before that if people wanted to go to the temple, they had to go to Guatemala. And that is basically impossible because of how poor people are here. There were some people who sold their HOMES in order to get money to go. I am, and we are SO lucky to live somewhere temples are easily accessible. That just hit me on sunday and I think that gratitude is something that I have learned on my mission, we are so privileged in so many ways.  I hope everyone can see that.

Anyways!! I hope everyone has a good day and week!! Love ya'll!
Elder Larkin  

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