Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day?

So I guess it's Memorial Day. That's weird. I hardly remember the holidays anymore, (except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and of course 4th of July.) Just a normal day here in the Dominican Republic! 

Last Saturday, I baptized Ronelby, our investigator who is complete GOLD. Funny story with him. So we were talking with him and his mother a few days before his baptism, and she told us that she probably wouldn't be able to go. His dad was also out of town for the whole month and he wouldn't be there either. After the fact, I asked him if he really wanted to do it that Saturday knowing that neither of his parents were going to be there. This was his response. "No I'm sure, we are NOT gonna push this back any more. I'm getting baptized this Saturday. I don't care what happens." That's strong coming from a 13 year old. He KNOWS that what he is doing. And he has a true testimony of this gospel. Heck, I wouldn't have gotten baptized if my parents wouldn't have been there with me. haha I remember I didn't even want to do the rain-gutter regatta (the thing in scouts where you race the boats) because my parents didn't show up (yes i STILL remember that mom and dad :]) Ronelby is truly taking the road to eternal life and I love watching it. Another cool thing! THIS Saturday the week after the baptism, we went to the temple with all the recent converts, including Ronelby, to do baptisms for the dead! Now that was cool. When they all came out of the temple I asked them how it went and what their thoughts were. Ronelby said, "when we walked in, I just looked around and felt, well...knew that this was God's house." This kid is going to be a strong member of this church and a GREAT missionary one day, mark my words.

Funny story. So my comp, Elder Zamora, before the mission weighed 210 lbs. Now, because of the diet that we have, he weighs a LOT less. BUT he still has a habit of  eating a lot of cookies and drinking a lot of soda. We were at the church once with a member and my comp had his coke and a cookie, and without shame, asked him, "Zamora... you used to be fat before huh..."  my comp said, "ummm yeah, how did you know?". All he said was, "se nota" or "its noticeable." THAT was SUUUPER funny. AI burst out laughing and so did my comp. Dominicans just say stuff how it is! It's very entertaining.

Me and my companion are getting along great! I kinda like having an American comp haha. His Spanish isn't that great because he has a really hard time understanding the people when they talk but it's totally okay because I'm totally great now! I don't even worry about my Spanish any more :D It's a really good feeling. I think after the mission I'll really use it quite often! Also I think I wanna learn Japanese when I get back as well. Surprisingly, there are A LOT of Japanese people here! Weird right? of all places. As for my area I don't know how long I'll be here, maybe I'll leave this transfer or the next. But in reality I have no clue.

Me and my comp are STILL trying to find awesome people to teach but we do have a few! Jose, Miguel, Yeri, and Hugo. All of them are potential Priesthood holders and that's awesome cause that's something that this branch lacks a lot of. We are working hard and trying our best to keep ALL of the rules, even being in the house AT 9, or at the latest 9:30 if we have a lesson. That one's pretty hard sometimes cause we have a member that feeds us everyday here. As for the food? Basically it's just a bunch of rice with some beans and a little meat. Everywhere else in the world it's like, everything is on the plate and then the rice is just a small aspect of the meal, but not here! The rice has the show on lock down. Honestly I'm probably not gonna eat rice or beans for a good 2 months when I get back, unless it's Cafe Rio or something like that, you know. :)

So that was my last 2 weeks! Hope everyone had a good memorial day and everything! Love you all!

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