Monday, May 16, 2016

Election Week in the D.R.

OKAY so this week on "2 freakin' years in the Dominican Republic" Elder Larkin gets a new comp, new haircut, doesn't do much because of the elections,gets a ton of mosquito bites (and hopefully not dengue AGAIN) , and is about to have another baptism!

Cool cool. So this week was interesting! First off I received my new companion Elder Zamora on Tuesday. Hes from Texas so you know what that means! Speaking in English. We get along great and we are gonna kill it here! Or at least get a few baptisms.

Funny story, so one day after we had a zone meeting, I went to go get a haircut near our home. So I told him to just TRIM the top of my hair so it wasn't so long.
Big mistake there. So this guy just takes his hair clippers, and goes to town on my head. Long story short I now have a Dominican haircut. He basically just shaved my head and redid my sideburns and stuff. The thing is that I don't have the right type of hair to pull it off very well. Needless to say I didn't tell the guy anything, I just gave him $100RD ($2.18 US) and went home laughing about my shaved head.

Now for the next part. This week there were the presidential elections for the country. Know what that means? ALOT of partying, ALOT of drinking, and NOBODY in there house. Yesterday, was the actual day to vote and everything, and the mission told us that we HAD to be home at 6 sharp. Because it gets NUTS at night. So that was that! Hopefully the next week wont be so bad.

Mosquito's mosquito's. There are TONS of mosquito's in my house. like I don't know how there could be so many in a tiny area. We are going to try and find an electric racket to kill them. My comps feet are DESTROYED because of all the bites. I feel bad for him because i forgot to tell him he should sleep with socks. Whoops! good times though.

Okay so we're gonna have another baptism on Saturday! Super excited. Ronelby is gonna be an awesome member of this church and a great future missionary. He was asking me about mission life and stuff like that earlier. Its gonna be awesome!

Oh one more thing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! If you guys didn't know, I have a mom.

WHO happens to be the best mom on the planet! If you haven't tried her cooking, that sucks for you, if you haven't seen her photography, its AWESOME. If you haven't been there to see her work so hard to keep us boys in line, or work so hard in her callings in the church, all the time she spends doing small and big things so that our family stay in comfort, the support she gives me, my dad, my brothers, her family, her friends, the people in the ward, well you can take my word for it. She is absolutely amazing and I couldn't wish for a better mother. Mom, I love you so much! hope you have a great day tomorrow! ❤😎

Well that's all for this week! Remember to send me pictures of what everyone's up to! Love y'all!

Elder Sosa leaves for his new area

Elder Zamora & Elder Larkin finally get to ride instead of walk 

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