Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Made It!

Hey guys! This is just an email to say I made it here safely and everything! :D The plane ride was pretty good for a plane, and I slept most of the way on both. We have 16 people this week, along with the other missionaries here. So we have 12 Elders and 4 sisters. Apparently this is the 2nd smallest MTC (CCM in the D.R.) I've met a bunch of awesome people. They already fed us (GIGANTIC food portions btw) and it is as good as they say! Salmon, white rice, brown rice, lentils or however you say it, stir-fry of some kind, and passion/orange juice. I am really going to like it here! The temple is absolutely beautiful and I am very excited to go in there. Its actually a lot bigger than you think it would be. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures!
I miss you guys so much! I'm gonna go find my room and my name tag, play some basketball, and go to bed. Oh, and by the way my next P-Day is Thursday, so don't be worried that I haven't written back in a week!

Until next time,
Elder Bryson Larkin

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