Sunday, August 23, 2015


Bryson's Farewell went so well.  We had so many family and friends there to support him (Grandpa & Grandma Larkin, Ragun, Raina, Jared & London, Grandpa & Grandma Mackley, Joy & Casey, Natasha, Shane and Jana, Treigh, Kiki Ryan, Anthony & Chelsey, Ashlynn, Hailey, Alyssa, Aiden, Reid, Uncle Richard, Aunt Lida, and Becky, Lisa Harper, Todd & Laura Larkin, Stephen Gubler, Foster Truman, Lisa & Bishop Randall, Tori, Jessica Hughes, Sue Gurlides, Spencer & Jana Horn, Foster Truman, and many other friends from the Town Center ward, and of course our awesome Foothills Ward).  And about 7 employees from Bryce's office came to give their love as well.  It was so touching to see this support and love from so many.

Tanner was the youth speaker which was kind of special (he gave a talk on "What it means to be a child of God").  Also, the Young Men sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  Matthew and Tanner were some of the loudest singers, and they all did a great job!  

Bryson's talk was outstanding.  The spirit was so strong in the room.  He spoke from the heart, and he spoke with power.  It's hard to describe the feelings of love I have for this boy of mine, especially as I see his understanding of the gospel unfold, and listen to him bare his testimony of the Plan of Salvation and of Jesus Christ.  Farewell's are definitely for parents. I feel so much joy in seeing him bare a strong testimony of the gospel.  I've learned for myself that he is READY.  Go get 'em Elder Larkin!  God Speed!

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