Monday, August 7, 2017

Last week

Last week in the mission! And Its super busy! Today we went to the office where we set a date for our investigators to get married! They're gonna do it on Friday! And we also have another baptismal interview for one of their kids on WednesdaySaturday we have the baptisms of Anthony, Sandy, Yanet, Sandra, Sarah, and Sandy jr. And all that is going to be in the other branch in Altagracia! In total about 12 people are going to get baptized! So basically this is going to be one hectic week getting everything ready! Honestly I havent had alot of time to think about coming home! 'Like I still dont have that feeling that I finish in about 9 days! Its really weird. So im just working like I normally would, maybe even a little harder because I want to have everything go smoothly for our investigators! 

But other than that I dont really know what else to write! I dont have any pictures this week, but next week Ill have tons! Hope everyone has had a good day!
Elder Larkin!

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