Monday, June 13, 2016


OKay! Im very sorry that this weeks email is going to be sub-par again! I am STILL sick :) Got rid of whatever I had and 2 days later contracted the "gripe" (basically a killer-cold). Been in bed for days! So yeah I'm kinda annoyed/sad/bored when we just sleep in the house all day and can't do any work. So hopefully I'll get better soon! BUT I do have a good video from Thomas S. Monson. 

Who is the most important? Our families and friends. The support I've received from them is unimaginable. Stress, doubt, second thoughts, sadness, and a whole bunch of other feelings come with life, but when you are able to connect with the ones we love, it seems that all of these bad feelings disappear. We're here partly for that reason :)

Anyways, sorry for the suck-ish email again! hopefully I'll have some juicy stuff next week. :P

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