Tuesday, July 19, 2016



HEY!!!!! I AM ALIVE! hahahaha. 
YEAH!!! I feel awesome!  I went to the doctor 2 times this week and they took another blood test and x-ray and, again, nothing came up wrong. So I guess it's just an internal virus. So all is well here! The doctors gave me some super antibiotics and its killing whatever is inside me! I feel 1000x better and I'm excited to get back to work :) I wouldn't mind if they leave me here in the office as one of the office elders for the rest of the transfer (like a week or whatever) but I'm TOTALLY OK with that cause it's a lot of fun with these guys (the office elders and the assistants). Even more awesome is that I get to take hot showers while I'm here in the office. Something I haven't done in 10 months! 
So Basically for the next week, I'm companions with elder Unruh and Elder Marroquin. Elder Unruh is from salt lake and Marroquin is from Guatamala, BUT he is learning English and basically speaks it. It's really cool :) As for how long I'll be in the office I have no idea but I'm gonna enjoy it while I'm here. We are having a lot of fun here and I feel super super good. I'm ready to get back out in the field but I love it here in the office. I wouldn't mind staying here for the rest of the transfer if President needs the help. (Cause we've got a lot of work because of the many baptisms the mission is getting right now.) 
But wow am I excited to get back out there :) I really appreciate the support from home though. Really guys, it really helps!

Ok so I have to get off but I'm gonna write you tomorrow morning!! There it's probably really early :). I love you and talk to u 2morrow!!!

OKAY! So they are sending me out to work in the field again! I'm going to an area called "Villa Aura" in Las Caobas. I'm going to be comps with a missionary named Elder Page from Oregon. Super cool! Heard he is a super good missionary. Too bad I'll probably only be there for like 2 weeks, but we'll see :) Anyways :) It was really good to see you guys and talk to you yesterday! I wish it wasn't so early in the morning there, (like 6:30 AM right?) But what can you do? Haha its 9:30 here.
Anyways!! I love you guys so so much! Tell everyone how I'm doing cause I don't have time to write a big letter. 

Have a good Tuesday!😝
Elder Bryson Larkin

(Pic is from BRAVO, a store here with Elder Unruh, ¨oh Todd¨)

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