Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Week!

Hey everyone! This first week at the MTC has been very interesting. First off it feels like I've been here for a month. Its super weird but I know its good. We are really being prepared for the field. The days are so so so long and we all kinda want to get out but there's a problem, none of us know Spanish!! We learn every day down stairs in a room we call "the cave." We have 2 teachers named Hermano Ramirez and Hermano Rogrigez. One teaches in the morning and one teaches at night. They are totally awesome and inspiring and we progress every day. At night we have this thing called "prayer reunion." We get announcements and then we say goodnight and go to bed. "Buenas noches, bon wei, good night, buen dormir, hasta maƱana!"
We have a bunch of Hatians here as well and they speak French/Creol or whatever. They are awesome and I love them. We don't really understand each other that well but its getting better! The other day at gymtime we were playing soccer during a tropical storm. It was raining like crazy and the wind almost blew you over but that didn't even matter it was so much fun. The Hatians are really really good and all the white kids (everyone else) are not. haha! The weather here is absolutely amazing. ALWAYS WARM. Ummmm yes.
Every night we have a thing called "story time" after prayer that everyone goes to. Me and Elder Francis started it so yeah its pretty awesome. We tell a bunch of stories about various topics. Muy bien. In our room we have Me, Elder Francis, Elder Olds, and Elder Stoeltzing. They are all awesome and we have a lot of fun. During gymtime  we all go out and play basketball or inside to play fooseball. The food here is really really good, like seriously freakin awesome. Apparently we're all gonna gain like 20 pounds while we're here. The thing is I've already gained 12, so I'm going for like 35. Haha idk. There's this thing we make called Pan Dulces and you can literally feel yourself getting fatter as you eat it. You grab yourself some bread, slather on a bunch of nutella, peanut butter, and like 5 oreos. Once you have that you smash it, and fry it. Yep. Everyone should try it.
The spirit is so strong here you don't even know. I've cried like 10 times while I've been here, and as you might know. I don't cry. I'm in the choir here and its going good! I forget what song we are singing but it sounds really good and it invites the spirit. Today we went to the Temple which is like 30 seconds (literally) away. I cant even explain to everyone how wonderful it was. Crying was everywhere. Cant wait to go when I get married.
One thing I have to say is that this gospel is so very true and that the gift of tongues is real. If you don't know what it is, look it up! I've been helped to speak this crazy language when I woulda thought it to be impossible. Every night we teach this fake investigator in Spanish and it is so hard sometimes. Richard, is one of our teachers dressed up in a gigantic afro pretending to be a 16 year old punk. HAHA We cant seem to get him to do the things we commit him to do and its frustrating but I know its just preparing me for later. I love all of you guys! Send this to everyone and send me pictures of what you guys are doing!!!
Elder Bryson Larkin

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